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A Proposal for Radical Sensitive Living
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December 21, 2019

Dear Friends,
              A few days ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the impeachment rally in a nearby town. I was encouraged by the turnout and the moral sensitivity of the diverse gathering. It was a moment to be proud of a Nation and to be sad at the history unfolding. I only wish that all of us would take this moment to examine our conscience to see if we have upheld our ideals of liberty and justice for all. While impeachment is a political process, it is also a time for us to reconsider our values and philosophy of life as individuals and citizens of a Nation and a World. One can only hope that during the days of this process we are becoming a better Nation and a wiser people.

              I was saddened by one sign I saw. It referred to the President by calling him an obscene and derogatory name. How can we confront injustice and nastiness if we imitate it? I have become more and more aware of my own speech and attitude when it comes to coping with those who might have conflict with me. I was horrified by the meanness of the sign I saw for, all to often, that is what I am often tempted to think.

              Upon deeper reflection, some thoughts have come into my mind and heart. Based on my self-examination, may I share these thoughts with you? Together let us commit ourselves to be peaceful in mind, heart, soul, and attitude. Let us not imitate what we abhor. Let us confront with respect, act with courage, and hold ourselves to the standard we wish others would observe.
1)      To live on Earth as if Earth is my home because it is;
2)      To cherish every person I see as my companion on the road of life because they are my companion on the road of life;
3)      To behold the beauty and splendor of the night sky and so embrace and practice humility in all the affairs of my life;
4)      To be the light for others I wish them to be for me;
5)      To have the courage to radiate my light on everyone and everything, everywhere and all the time;
6)      To be the friend I seek to have even in moments of tension and confrontation;
7)      To seek and engage the inner peace of my heart as I find peace in the hearts of my companions on the road of life.
              Too idealistic? I think not. I have met too many people like you who inspire me to be a better me. For that I give thanks and will seek to grow in the wisdom only peace affords.
With Gratitude,
Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
The Interfaith Peace Project