The Interpath Project is the result of the experiences we have encountered in The Interfaith Peace Project. The Interpath Project unfolds as more and more people participate in the program. As suggested in the principles, the pathways of the various faith, religious, cultural, and philosophical traditions are open ended. The destination is the journey. The uncertainty of the future need not be the reason for anxiety but the cause for creativity and humane perspectives in the midst of adversity.

The Interpath Project is designed to evolve and grow with insights from participants who are interested in the future of religion, spirituality, and the well-being of the World. Engagement in these programs promotes personal insight, growth, and transformation for the sake of others and the World. A typical program explores the Interpath Principles and their consequences encouraging dynamic and open discussion.

The way of the future is the practice and consciousness of the present timeless moment. We discover the vital interconnectedness, interrelationship, and interdependence of all Beings and Natures in our own self-awarenss born of love, compassion, empathy, and radical openness. Rumi reminds us “we humans are each a guesthouse”. We seek to find ways to open the doors of our hearts and emotions so our thinking and doing might be energized by the consciousness which befits a human person who seeks to be fully alive. We call this practice, this awareness, this learning “THE INTERPATH JOURNEY”.

THE INTERPATH PRINCIPLES : Click here for the Principles