The Interpath Principles


We offer these Fourteen Principles in a spirit of humility and gratitude.  These Principles were formulated by the Board of Directors over a three-year period of conversations with one another.  They are emerging principles constantly subject to review, reflection, and reformulation.      

  1.  We humbly commit ourselves to being people of compassionate love and care as we respond to the issues of the day, and actually, we respond to real people who are influenced by the issues of the day.  We strive to commit ourselves anew to care for one another and all those we serve.
  2. Inclusivity is our guiding principle.  We are inclusive of all people and work toward equality for women, LGBTQI+, and anyone who needs that justice befitting their dignity as human persons.  Our advocacy includes listening to those who seek justice as we walk with them on the pathways of what is right, true, good, and just.  We also seek to support those who ally themselves with those seeking justice.
  3. We strive to be open-minded and open-hearted as we realize our need for one another.  We believe that every human being deserves to be recognized and treated as a full member of our Human Family.
  4. We seek to love, honor, and respect people as the Great Masters of the Great Traditions have taught.  The patience, humility, and respect, found in the Great Masters, remind us to strive to do no harm as we seek to discover ourselves as persons dedicated to interspiritual love and respect.  We seek the wisdom of those in our personal ancestry and contemporary lives. 
  5. We practice compassion by walking with another person, meeting them where they are, and being willing to be a part of their life as peacemakers. 
  6. We strive to practice interfaith love and understanding in every dimension of our work and lives.  We seek to engage in dialogue even in the midst of conflict and division.  We engage in an “interior dialogue” so we might be emphatic and compassionate even if we are called to confront another inviting them to the depth of their heart.  We seek to engage the contemplative arts and the practice of silence seeking to hear the voice within our hearts.
  7. We strive to commit and dedicate ourselves to reduce suffering in the world through peace, justice, and the practice of empathy.
  8. We seek to be bureaucratically simple. Our structures of organization must never interfere with our desire to welcome everyone to journey with us.  We do not seek affiliation with any particular spiritual, philosophical or cultural pathway since we strive to welcome everyone.  We are “whatever people need us to be”. 
  9. We meet with one or more persons remembering our work treasures the person we currently engage.  Various pathways of life intersect.  We pause at those intersections to grow in wisdom and knowledge.  (This is an on-going practice resisting the dominate culture which sees great success in big numbers.)
  10. We accept donations rather than fundraise or charge for our outreach.  The greatest gift we receive is the presence, wisdom, and courage of all we meet.
  11. We seek to transcend any attachment to outcome realizing our work and journey are on-going.
  12. Hospitality is at the heart of work and outreach. We strive to offer a safe haven for all we encounter.  We strive to accept people as they are.  This attitude of the Heart comes out of a deep practice of centeredness so that we may help our guests open the door to their own insight and heart.   
  13. Our experience has taught us to be open to everyone as best we can. We do not expect anyone to conform to certain beliefs or ways of life.  Each is invited to bring their gifts and authentic selves, and we share the same with them. 
  14. We understand that our work requires each of us to practice self-care in all the affairs of our lives. Above all, we realize no one of us can do this work alone.  We strive to remember we need one another.  As we recognize our limits, we realize our limits are not faults but opportunities for respect of others based on self-care and self-respect. We have discerned these principles from our work and life experience.  The principles are not our burden but our stated values.  We seek and strive above all to be our true selves.  The greatest gift we will ever give is the gift of ourselves and, for this, we give thanks to one another.