Sacred Visits Program

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Sacred Visits are guided experiences to locally diverse places of worship reflecting the beauty and sacredness of the world faith traditions.

We offer visits for “groups” of one or more to Mosques; Synagogues; Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh Temples; Baha’i and Quaker Meetings; Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Churches; and Wiccan Gatherings.

  • Sacred Visits are designed to promote peace and unity through better understanding of other faith traditions.
  • As we meet and interact with people from other faith traditions, we open our hearts toward all.
  • As we open our hearts toward the other, we deepen our faith and act in service of all.

The Philosophy

The spiritual/faith traditions of any particular people testify to the wisdom and strength of that people as they consider the complex dimensions of life.

Our project claims the religious traditions of any particular community as part of the collective wisdom of worldwide human community. This claim is respectful in nature recognizing the sacredness of each tradition. The “claiming” is done with utmost respect and reverence. There is no attempt at harmonization, reduction, or syncretism. Each tradition is upheld with esteem and gratitude.

Our project recognizes that each tradition is a gift given to the whole of humanity. In fact, our commonality is found in our common experience of what it means to be a human being. We do not have the same understandings as human beings but we do have the same experiences as human beings. All of us cope with birth, life, illness, hurts and sorrows, anxiety, joys and visions, aging and wisdom, death and hope. The spiritual traditions are often blamed for being a source of conflict when, in fact, they provide the wisdom and peacemaking justice by which conflict can be resolved.