San Francisco Peace Center: About Us

The Center is now closed due to the death of our beloved President and Cofounder of The Interfaith Peace Project.

We were located in sunny Potrero Hill on the southeast side of San Francisco, CA, on De Haro Street. Groups of up to 15 were invited to meet here, as were individuals for a day retreat – reservations were booked two weeks in advance.  The Center was on the top floor with stairs and was not wheelchair accessible. 

You were invited to our monthly Open House with a Peace Meditation the first Tuesday of each month from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  The Peace Meditation was 30 minutes and began at 11:30.  Light refreshments were offered.  Keep in mind that the Center was home to a sweet indoor cat if you have cat allergies.  Contact Andrea to confirm. 

Parking:  First person to arrive, please park in the driveway so that another car can park on the street behind you.  Otherwise, find street parking. 

Public Transportation:  The closest Bart Station is 24th and Mission.  Either take Uber/Lift or take the 48 Muni bus east and get off at 25th and De Haro Streets, then walk up a slight hill to 1425 De Haro Street.