Interfaith Connections Program

InterFaith-ConnectionsWe develop educational opportunities tailored to your individual circumstances. Examples of current offerings include:

  • Introduction to the Religions of the World
  • The American Religious Experience
  • The Rise of Fundamentalism
  • The Possibility for Interfaith Spirituality
  • The Interfaith Practice of Jesus
  • The Interfaith Practice of Historic Religious Leaders
  • The Intrafaith Project for Deep and Creative Dialogue
  • Christian Ecumenism

The size of any group depends on the space you provide. Living rooms, community rooms, hotel conference rooms, or meeting halls in places of worship can serve as excellent venues.

We provide home, local-based, and ZOOM educational programs to persons and groups interested in developing or enhancing their appreciation of the faith traditions of the world We design introductory programs to help participants cope with inherited stereotypes, innocent misunderstandings, embarrassing questions or general knowledge of the many faith traditions of humankind. We will provide contact information for those who would like to meet people from the various faith traditions, and perhaps visit their places of worship. We design programs for one or several sessions depending on your needs. Simply contact Fr. Tom.

“As religious and spiritual persons we base our lives on an Ultimate Reality, and draw spiritual power and hope therefrom, in trust, in prayer or meditation, in word or silence. We have a special responsibility for the welfare of all humanity and care for the planet Earth. We do not consider ourselves better than other women and men, but we trust that the ancient wisdom of our religions can point the way for the future.”
–Global Ethics, Council Of The parliament Of The World’s Religions September 4, 1993