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September 21, 2017


Dear Friends,


The International Day of Peace affords us the opportunity to practice peace in all the affairs of our lives.  What we practice in a conscious way on September 21st is meant to empower us so we become peace-makers each and every day.  The temptation is to think of September 21st as a day for observances and celebrations, seminars and dialogues.  All of these are, of course, good and excellent things to do.   But there is more.

We are invited to “practice peace” in all the affairs of our daily lives.  Consider “practicing peace” for twenty-four hours this September 21st as you go about the typical and ordinary affairs and routine of your day.  “Practicing Peace” at the office, the supermarket or sitting in traffic introduces us to the deepest levels of “peace-making.”  In such moments we become aware of our emotions and thoughts.  We might realize how easily irritated we can become.  We encounter the disappointments of life.   We might even find that we judge ourselves harshly.  In such moments, we consciously and deliberately invite ourselves to a greater consciousness.  In light of our own struggles, we become aware of what other people might be feeling.  As we become more empathic, we can “feel” the peace in our hearts flow out to others.  In this moment, we can offer friendship, support and understanding to other frustrated, suffering and hurting people.

The International Day of Peace is an excellent time to discover and revisit the core documents by which the International Interfaith Communities find inspiration and purpose in their pursuit of justice and peace for all.  The enclosed brochure offers some highlights from the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights.

As we reflect on these rights we become aware of the people we know and meet who might have had their rights denied.  Hardly a day goes by when some current powerful, political or, unfortunately, religious leaders and officials are seeking to compromise the human rights of racial and ethnic minorities, refugees, immigrants, the poor and those who are gender and sexually diverse.  The pursuit of peace requires the courage to recognize and honor the dignity of others.  Disagreements over issues do not diminish the dignity or rights of others to live in peace, safety and security.

We hope the enclosed brochure in honor of September 21st will encourage you in your pursuit and practice of peace.  We express our gratitude to you for your commitment to practice peace in all the affairs of your life.



Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
With the Board of Directors
And all of us at The Interfaith Peace Project




Feel free to join us in person and in heart.

Thursday, September 14, 7:30 pm
St. John of God Church
1290 5th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122
Peace among Protestants and Catholics

 Saturday, September 16, 9:30 am
St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church
1055 S Lower Sacramento Rd, Lodi, CA 95242
Gleaning Wisdom from the Faith Traditions

Saturday, September 16, 2017, 4 – 7 pm
Potluck Picnic with Interfaith Interconnect
The Pavilion at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
1501 Hillcrest Ave., Livermore, CA

Wednesday, September 20, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
The Interfaith Peace Project Center
4517 Buckeye Court, Antioch, CA 94531
You are invited to join us for prayer, reflection and sharing.

Wednesday, September 20, 7:00 pm
Peter and Paul Church
4450 Granite Drive, Rocklin, CA 95677
Peace among the Religions

 Sunday, September 24, 4:00 pm
Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church
49 Knox Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549
Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County
Together for Peace