THE INTERFAITH PEACE PROJECT IS EXPANDING Posted April 22, 2017 by admin@interfaith



The Interfaith Peace Project (IPP) is excited and honored to announce our expansion and inclusion of two new centers on April 22, 2017.  In addition to our Antioch Center, we have added the IPP Tri-Valley Center in Livermore, CA and the IPP Evergreen Center in Pine Grove, CA.

Tri-Valley Center:  Leah Maxwell-Styles and Beth Maxwell-Styles, a married couple, are the owners of the urban retreat center in Livermore, CA.  Leah is the Director of the Tri-Valley Center and a member of IPP’s Board of Directors.  Beth is Tri-Valley Center’s Site Director and is a member of IPP’s Advisory Board.

Evergreen Center:  Melissa Granchi and Phil Granchi, a married couple, own the Pine Grove retreat center and are its Co-Directors.   Melissa is also a member of IPP’s Board of Directors, and Phil is a member of IPP’s Advisory Board.

As The Interfaith Peace Project approaches our tenth anniversary, it is a blessing that now, we are expanding our interfaith peace work through the addition of these two centers.  This union is the result of IPP realizing we wanted to be involved with the interfaith work of Leah and Beth, and Melissa and Phil, and they realizing they wanted to be involved in IPP’s interfaith work.

Stay tuned for information about open houses and programs at both new centers.  We invite you to read the biographies of the Maxwell-Styles and the Granchis here or go to

Peace to all,

Rev. Andrea Goodman
President of the Board of Directors
on behalf of Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
and the entire Board of Directors