NEVER AGAIN Posted October 3, 2017 by admin@interfaith



The violence and killings in Las Vegas tell us we have much more to do as a society to find peace in our minds and hearts.  We are overwhelmed by the scope of the violence and the mind behind it.  There is too much sorrow, anxiety and uncertainty in the world at the present time.  We need to pause for a moment and breathe deeply as we seek to make sense of what is happening.  We offer several suggestions for practicing peace in the midst of conflict and division.

  1. Realize behind every event and issue there are real people involved.  Think of the real persons struggling to survive in Puerto Rico.  Consider the wounded in Las Vegas as well as those murdered.  Imagine how their families and loved ones feel.  Hold them all deeply in your heart.
  1. Allow the brokenness of their lives to touch you deeply. Do not be afraid to weep or get angry.  Get in touch with your deepest emotions.  This is our capacity for empathy.  Such empathy empowers our ability and willingness to love.
  1. Reach out to other suffering people. Realize the hurt of one person far away affects those close by especially those who have suffered a recent loss.
  1. Do not allow the violence to define your understanding of what it means to be human. Think of all those who come to the rescue of hurting people.  Think of all those who risk their lives for the sake of others.  Think of the surge of humanness that happens in the time of trouble.
  1. Seek and find as much information about issues that break your heart. Be wary of simplistic analysis and unjust stereotypes.
  1. Talk to others about your heart-break, concerns and fears. We need to stand together.  We need to be with one another.
  1. We need to recover from the glorification of violence that has infected our society. From assault weapons in our streets to violence as the staple of entertainment, we need to disarm our minds, hands, hearts and souls.

The Interfaith Peace Project wishes to express our love and sympathy, our care and support to the hurting and suffering people all around us.  Let us continue to walk with one another in the pursuit of what is just, right and good.


Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
And The Board of Directors