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December 31, 2019
Dear Friends,
Many of you have asked how to purchase the Multifaith Calendars that you see at our Centers, so I am including the information below. We buy them through the Interfaith Market Place.
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!
The Interfaith Peace Project
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Multifaith Calendar 2020
Available Now!
Proudly celebrating its 34th year, the 2020 Multifaith Calendar offers the opportunity to reflect on reimagining the two precious commodities of peace and harmony. The Multifaith Calendar includes information about 14 faith traditions and more than 450 significant religious and cultural occasions / observances and UN events. A unique and invaluable education resource for: faith leaders, educators, the workplace, and family/home discussion and celebration.
Click here to order yours through
the Interfaith Marketplace.
Interfaith Marketplace holds an intention to provide tools that will guide you in experiencing the beauty in all the world’s religions. We sell calendars and other inspirational items that educate, inspire and hopefully create more beauty in the world.
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