Interfaith Holy Land Pilgrimage Posted November 22, 2013 by ifpadmin



The Interfaith Peace Project cosponsored an Interfaith Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Thirty-four pilgrims visited an array of sites celebrating the various faith traditions of humankind. We encountered the gods and goddesses of ancient Rome whose military presence transformed the land into the Kingdom of Caesar. The Galilean struggle for freedom impressed us as not even the fear of death deterred them from their cause. The Druid community overwhelmed us with their simplicity of faith lived in everything they do. The Baha’i community of Haifa beautifies the earth with their spectacular gardens signifying the glory and beauty of God. We were immersed in the ancient ruins of Petra whose people lived life in the expectation of the next life where peace would finally be attained. The Muslims called us to prayer as we journeyed through the countryside and meandered through the streets of Jerusalem. We welcomed the Shabbat at the Western Walls as thousands danced and sang in jubilation. Finally, we encountered the Christians of Bethlehem hoping anew that peace would be born in our hearts.