Interfaith Harmony Week: Insights from the Hindu Traditions Posted February 1, 2015 by Susan Batterton


////-ay One – February 1, 2015
Interfaith Harmony Week
Insights from the Hindu Traditions


     Matter is changeable, but I am all that you say, all that you think. Everything rests upon me, like pearls on a thread. I am the sweet smell of the earth and I am the heat of the fire, I am appearance and disappearance, I am the trickery of tricksters, I am the gleam of whatever shines. All creatures fall into the night, and all are restored to the day. I have already defeated all these warriors; They who thinks they can kill, and they who think they can be killed are equally mistaken. Weapons cannot pierce this life that animates you, nor fire burn it, nor water dampen it, nor wind dry it out. Have no fear, and stand up, for I love you. Act as you must act. I myself am never without any action.


Krishna’s message to Arjuna
Bhagavad Gita