November 8, 2022
Dear Friends:
The Interfaith Peace Project continues its ongoing observance of the International Women’s Day, March 8, by sending out a reflection on the eighth of every month. Today, in Honor of Veteran’s Day, we share with you art by Amanda St. Claire, a Navy Veteran, and poetry by Captain Cheryl Lockhart, Chief Nurse, USAFR.
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As we Continue to Celebrate
International Women’s Day

“Celebration” by Amanda Saint Claire
 Amanda Saint Claire is a NAVY JACG (Lawyer)
Served 1999-2003

Artist Description:
Celebration explores inclusion and friendship between women. Created in conjunction with Katie Flores, this large-scale abstract vibes with the energy of possibilities. 
Amanda St. Claire is one of the Veteran artists featured in the 501 (c)3 Veteran Art Institute online gallery. The serves the public and the Veterans by promoting veteran’s art online, educating the public about the transformative healing power of art and offering veterans public and online venues to exhibit and share their stories through art.  

Why Do You Go?
…So when you see me pack my bags
And leave for lands so far away,
It is not hardness of the heart
Or mother’s conscience gone astray
Its for love of country, freedom,
Duty and honor too,
But most of all I go
To bring them back to you.
Capt. Cheryl Lockhart
Chief Nurse, USAFR
NC 914th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron

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