September 12, 2022

The Interfaith Peace Project will observe this year’s International Day of Peace by sending out a reflection each day from September 10 through September 21. Today is the second reflection. If you miss any reflections, you will find them on our website: interfaithpeaceproject. org .

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SEPTEMBER 10 – 21, 2022
Nadia Murad
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2018


Nadia Murad Basee Taha is an Iraqi Yazidi human rights activist. In 2014, when Nadia was 21 years old, ISIS attacked her hometown, Kocho, in Sinjar province of Iraq. This was part of the Islamic State efforts to cleanse Iraq of all Yazidis ethnically. Nadia along with about six thousand Yazidi women and girls were kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. She escaped and soon began speaking out about human trafficking and sexual violence. She is the founder of Nadia’s Initiative, an organization dedicated to “helping women and children victimized by genocides, mass atrocities and human trafficking to heal and rebuild their lives and communities.” In 2018, she and Denis Mukwege were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.” She is the first Iraqi and Yazidi to be awarded a Nobel Prize. Presently, she is an advocate for Sustainable Development Goals appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Nadia’s Words of Wisdom

“Understanding that Peace is possible is ultimately about standing up for your human rights. That is why we all benefit from peaceful societies which honor those rights. This vision of Peace depends on Justice. Healing and supporting victimized communities. We must see the reality of this, educate our children to expect this and not be distracted by hatred. The world has only one border it is called humanity. The differences between us are small compared to our shared humanity from this stage. I beg you all to put humanity first and that you all support Peace.”

To view Nadia Murad’s Speech at the United Nation’s Security Council Open Debate 4/13/22
“Accountability as Prevention: Ending Cycles of Sexual Violence in Conflicts”
click here or go to


We are born with our human rights.
No one, no government, or institution gives us our rights.
We have a duty to protect the human rights of all people
against any form of tyranny. 
Our human rights point to our responsibilities as people
to be a voice of for the voiceless.
Today I will commit myself to being a voice
for those who are ignored.

Randy Thomas

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