It is our joy to introduce you to Susan Batterton who was recently elected a member of the Board of Directors of The Interfaith Peace Project and elected Secretary of the Board. Susan has been a devoted friend, mentor, advisor and communications director to IPP for more than fifteen years. In fact, you are reading this letter because of Susan’s expertise in technology, communications and dedication to spreading peace in the world through words and pictures. Susan’s background in the medical field brings new dimension and insight to the Board’s discussions, planning and outreach. Susan is a frequent visitor to the Antioch Peace Center and attends many of Tom’s classes and presentations. You may reach Susan by email at: [email protected]

June Kirk is the newly elected President of the Board of The Interfaith Peace Project. June has made her ministry of education with children, support for Women’s voice and interfaith hospitality part of The Interfaith Peace Project and made The Interfaith Peace Project part of her ministry and philosophy of life. June has been Secretary of the Board, Director of the Antioch Peace Center and Program Director for IPP for almost twenty years. We welcome June in her new role. You may reach June by email at: [email protected]

Patricia Black continues as Treasurer of the Board. Pat, along with Andrea Goodman and Tom Bonacci, helped lay the foundation, set the corporate structure, meet the government non-profit requirements and then introduce The Interfaith Peace Project to the world. Pat gives of her time in outreach to the incarcerated and families without a place to live. Pat is a world-traveler and brings to the Board her insight and compassion for all she has seen and experienced. You may reach Pat by email at: [email protected]

Rev Patrick Davis has been a member of the Board since 2008. Patrick is a retired ordained minister in the United Methodist Church and was a pastor in Morgan Hill, CA.  Interfaith outreach, understanding and dialogue are paramount in Patrick’s ministry and life. He initiates and supports Interfaith prayer services for children and adults in the CA Bay Area.  Patrick is a founder and the Executive Director of the Bay Area Alliance for Youth & Family Services, a youth home ministry to homeless youth. You may reach Patrick by email at: p[email protected]

Rev Leah Maxwell Styles joined the Board in 2016. Leah excites the Board’s discussions sharing her thirst for knowledge and the insights gained from her ongoing post-graduate education. Leah has an eye for beauty in nature, in all living creatures and in the human spirt. She delights and energizes our meetings with her stories, her spirit and her dedication to her ministry. You may reach Leah by email at:[email protected]
Melissa Granchi joined the Board in 2014. Melissa’s primary work experience is in psychology and she brings her understanding of the human condition to the Board’s discussions and planning for future programs and outreach. She grounds her life in music, nature, writing, running, and reading. You may reach Melissa at: [email protected]

Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P. is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Interfaith Peace Project. You may reach Tom at: [email protected]