A NEW AWARENESS Posted December 13, 2017 by admin@interfaith


               The Senatorial Election in Alabama marks a turning point in the American consciousness.  The recent “ME TOO” movement and the momentum forged by “BLACK LIVES MATTER” coupled with the traditional decency of voters from all persuasions came together to confront hatred, bigotry, racism and the politics of fear.  There is a sense of renewed hope in our Land.  The citizens of Alabama have demonstrated the power the citizenry has when people responsibly stand up for what is right and just.  We make these statements not because we are motivated by partisan political issues.  The Interfaith Peace Project is concerned about the interfaith implications of the electoral process.

              The constant use of religion and the Bible to justify homophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, racism and mammon is morally reprehensible.  We stand against the misuse of religion to maintain a politics of repression and hate.  Interfaith Spiritual Practice commands that each one of us purge from our beliefs and practice any thought, word, or deed that may endanger the well-being of other people especially those who are judged to be in the minority.  We stand for the honoring of humanity’s Sacred Traditions to enhance the respect each person deserves by virtue of being human.

              The Alabama election teaches us that people across the racial and political divide can come together in the pursuit of common decency.  This election begins the breaking of the back of every form of racism and bigotry.  The marginalizing of women, the dismissal of people of color and stereotyping of white men are no longer descriptive or helpful in appreciating the emergence of a new consciousness not only in the United States but throughout the World.

              The Interfaith Peace Project recommits itself to empowering people to Claim their Dignity, Find their Voice and Stand up for what is Right, True, Good and Beautiful.  

              Thanks to the Citizens of Alabama, the United States feels a surge of hope that we as a diverse society can stand together as one Nation in the pursuit of justice for all peoples everywhere.


Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
And all of us at The Interfaith Peace Project