May 24, 2017

Dear Beloved Friends,

Today, May 24, 2017, The Interfaith Peace Project (IPP) celebrates our 10th Anniversary of becoming a California not for profit corporation!   Congratulations to All!  In the days ahead, I invite you to enjoy reflections from some of the leadership of The Interfaith Peace Project.  Also, here is the link to a wonderful retrospective that Susan Batterton created: or you can click here.


The Interfaith Peace Project
Rev. Andrea Goodman, President, Board of Directors

Tom and Andrea

No one is more surprised than we are upon reaching this milestone. 

It all began in 2006.  There was a meal shared at the Crepevine on Church Street in San Francisco, CA in which two people asked and answered the question, “Have you ever thought of creating a nonprofit for your interfaith work?”  And so we began the work of doing just that. 

Every step we have taken since then, we are aware that we were carrying on the legacy of the Interfaith Center in Pittsburgh, PA that touched countless hearts and lives.  

When Tom and I shared a meal that night in 2006, we never envisioned what we have become.  We started small and set our sights on three years, tops. 

And then an amazing thing happened.  People were hungry to explore their own biases and stereotypes.  Hungry to look up and see into the Heart of the Other, especially when there was disagreement.  Hungry to change their orientation from fear and indifference to peace and love.  Hungry for a safe haven.  Hungry to work with people of other faiths and none to do what all the world’s religions, philosophies and cultures believe – live the Golden Rule.

Through the attitudes of the heart that The Interfaith Peace Project embodies, many of us have been inspired to live a more authentic life that calls us to wholeheartedly respond to the needs of our sisters and brothers in need.

We are most grateful to all who stand shoulder-to-shoulder to work for interfaith peace.  You are with us, and we are with you.  Always.

You are a blessing on our shared journey.

Let the beauty you love, be what you do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.