World Interfaith Harmony Week – The Third Day Posted February 3, 2017 by admin@interfaith



Universal Blessing

With praise and thanksgiving,
We have gathered in your name,
Holy One our God.

We comprehend you, only with the desires
Of our hearts to seek you.

For the beauty of this journey of life, we
Humbly lift the song of our hearts in praise.

We honor your strong love.
We praise your holy compassion.
We seek your mysterious presence
We long for your enduring presence.

To love you is to serve one another.
We pledge to do so in the prayer we offer
In the splendor of this moment.

We join with all creation as we praise you.
We dance with all creatures as we love you.
We sing with everything living as we honor you.
We bow before you in the stirring of the wind.

We bless you in the outpouring of the rain.
We exclaim you in the brightness of the sun.
We seek you in the night of moon and stars.
We rest within you in the quiet of our nights.

We savor your blessings of all
In the gentleness of our humble prayer.

We love you, Holy One our God!
We love you in all that is!


Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.