March 21, 2022

The Interfaith Peace Project continues its ongoing observance of the International Day of Peace, September 21, by sending out a reflection on the twenty-first of every month. We invite you share in this effort by sending any articles or information that you would like to share to:

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Continuing to Observe
The International Day of Peace

In times of conflict and division, we seek comfort and hope. As the reign of terror unfolds in Ukraine, our hearts break with anger, confusion, sympathy, and the desire to help. Many people feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness. We ask one another what we might do to help. Remember, our disturbance over our sense of powerlessness indicates our willingness to help in any way we can. Our desire to be of help becomes the basis for our caring for one another. Peace-makers embrace the powerlessness of the moment by consoling and challenging everyone they meet to support those on the front lines.

This is a time to reconsider how we might redistribute any possessions or funds we have for the sake of other suffering people. If injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere, the reverse is also true. Justice anywhere is justice everywhere. Let us commit ourselves to the cause of helping one another in this time of uncertainty. Peace-makers seek out troubled and upset people offering a safe haven for them to express their anguish and emotions.

It has been said we must hear the cry of the poor; they have something to say to us. The wounded, afflicted, and marginalized of the World have something to say to us. Peace-makers strive to listen. Consider one powerful example.

Think of the Polish women who left baby strollers in the rail-road stations for the Ukrainian mothers fleeing the ravages of war. Putin’s bombs reveal his weakness as a leader. He kills children to hold on to the illusion of his power. He is a frightening individual inviting many of us to curse if not hate him. Peace-makers become aware of any hostile feelings they might have, transforming their rage into acts of justice, kindness, and compassion. The people of Poland know something about the destruction war brings. As the mothers remember their own plight of years ago, they reach out with baby strollers to welcome those who have lost their homes. The World is blessed and inspired by the women with their baby strollers.                    

Peace-makers are ingenious people who seek to bring hope, comfort, and relief to afflicted people in any way they can. Thank you for being a peace-maker in any way you can.