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Notice During the Covid-19 Outbreak
In solidarity, we at the Interfaith Peace Project stand together in these times of heart break and upset. Some of you may have lost friends or family members. Some of you may have lost your job and your income; some may be working overtime to help with the crisis. Some of you may be home and alone and some may be trying to figure out a new way to live. Please let us know how we can help. If you would like a phone appointment with any of us, give us a call.You may call or email Tom at:
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November 12, 2020
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It is time to examine the times in which we live as we begin to transition to new political and governmental leadership. The outcome of any election is not the most important concern. What we need to know is “why” people voted the way they did and what their hopes and expectations are. People can vote for different candidates for the same reasons. Exploring those reasons will help to heal a divided Nation so profoundly wounded by the forces at work throughout its history. The time has come to acknowledge and heal the wounds of genocide, racism, sexism, and other crucial concerns that hide behind the conventions of traditionalism, culture, religion, and political power. Courageous governmental leaders can work hand in hand with the citizens to ensure the Nation’s stated ideals become a reality for all people regardless of economic class, religious affiliation, gender identification, or racial or ethnic identity. The people of the United States have reaffirmed their trust in the democratic process.  
Democracy, the blending of the people’s various and diverse voices, is restored, implemented, and enhanced when people risk pandemic, threats, and voter suppression to make their voices heard. America is speaking loudly again. The lives of asylum seekers and next-door neighbors will be held as sacred. The diversity of our people will be respected once again. No wonder so many are dancing in the streets.
In a Democracy, people can debate, dispute, argue, compromise, and protest. The right to speak out and vote is essential. Defeat can lead to resentment but commitment and dedication to making the World a better place is a far better option. Victory must not lead to gloating but reconciliation and understanding.
Finally, America is back because of the courage of Black Women. They and their allies refused to be victimized by the politics of hate and a government of oppression. America must move beyond racism, sexism, and xenophobia. The time has come to heed the voices of the younger people who voted for the first time in great numbers. America is a better place when the walls come down, the doors are open, and liberty and justice are for all.
America is back on track to become the Nation it is was founded to be. There is alarm over the fact that so many voted for the continuance of an Administration ruled by voter suppression, ecological destruction, indifference to human rights, international irresponsibility, intimidation, and alienation. America is back because we now have the opportunity to confront our demons so we may find our better angels. The World is not only watching but needs us to succeed. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our World to be a better Nation for everyone’s sake.
Welcome back, America.