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January 30, 2017

Dear Friends,

The Interfaith Peace Projects strongly condemns the Executive Order of President Trump restricting the free travel of Muslims and others based on their National Origin.  Such a restriction runs contrary to human dignity and the legal precedents of more recent times.  We urge Congress, the Courts and Advocacy Organizations to reject and protest all such Executive Orders.

We must resist any attempt to identify people of any given religion or National Origin with terrorism.  Terrorists take advantage of this type of regressive legislation for it feeds into their propaganda that the United States and the West are engaged in a war against Islam.  Presidents George W. Bush and Barak Obama have both objected to and refused to accept the idea that the United States is engaged in a war against Islam.

The rhetoric and actions of President Trump will not make America safer from terrorists but will enable them with even more hostility and inaccurate information about our people and our culture.

The President’s appeal to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 is illogical to say the least.  While the Executive Order restricts refugees and native travelers from Iraq and Syria and other Countries, there are no restrictions on Saudi Arabia.  The perpetrators of the September 11 atrocities originated in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, we are concerned about destructive effects this Executive Order has already had in the United States and the World.  Even if this attempt to restrict the free migration of certain peoples based on National Origin is defeated, it has already fueled deep seated fears and prejudices against Islam in general and Muslims in particular.  This cannot be allowed to stand.

The Executive Order runs contrary to everything The Interfaith Peace Project stands for and strives to achieve.  Rather than reinforcing prejudices and stereotypes, we must foster mutual understanding and cooperation.  Our religious principles can and do encourage Interfaith love, respect and justice.

We call upon the President to rescind his Orders and foster structures by which the damage can be undone and a fractured Nation can find peace and tranquility.

The Interfaith Peace Project stands in solidarity with immigrants, refugees and all those seeking a safe home.  We stand in solidarity with our Muslim Brothers and Sisters.  We urge you to do the same.

Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
with the Board of Directors