Dear Friends,

The United Nations International Day of Peace (September 21st) has become a signature day for all those concerned with world peace and the contribution the Faith Traditions of humankind can make to such an endeavor. The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County and The Interfaith Peace Project are proud to do their part in raising the consciousness in our communities as we work together in the cause of peace. We join with millions of people throughout the world in observing and celebrating this year’s International Day.

The International Day of Peace is more than the sum total of its programs. It invites all people to practice peace in every thought, word, and deed of the day. The idea is a simple one. If we can consciously practice peace in all our endeavors for a day, then why not practice peace for a lifetime?

More often than not, we are frustrated by the slow progress made in the international area when it comes to matters of justice and peace. The International Day of Peace invites us to focus on ourselves and the efforts we make in the cause of peace. No agreements among nations will eliminate the necessity for individuals to engage in real peace-making within ourselves and with our families, neighbors, and associates.

In our practice of peace, we are mindful of the impact our thoughts, words, and actions can have. We identify with the struggles of others. We rejoice in the blessings others have. We deliberately practice “being-present” as we seek to listen and learn from the wisdom of all we meet. We are gentle with ourselves. We seek out new friends. We become more and more aware of the problems in our communities and how we might help. If we can do this for a day, then, one day at a time, we can practice peace in all we say, think, and do.

This year we are sponsoring programs with The Seventh Day Adventist Church of Antioch, CA and East County Shared Ministry (which consists of both Community Presbyterian Church of Pittsburg & First Congregational Church of Antioch). We are grateful to the many participants who have organized these programs. We look forward to the inspiration and encouragement these programs will offer.

The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County and The Interfaith Peace Project invite you to celebrate and observe The United Nations’ Day of Peace in ways most peaceful to you.


Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
The Interfaith Peace Project
The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County
Board Member

Interfaith Concert for Peace
September 21, 2012
7:00 P.M.
East County Shared Ministry
200 East Leland Road
Pittsburg, CA

Festival of Interfaith Peace
September 22, 2012
7:00 P.M.
Seventh-day Adventist Church
2200 Country Hills Drive
Antioch, CA