The Parkland Voter Movement Posted April 14, 2018 by admin@interfaith


Dear Friends,

We thought you would like to know that supporters of those courageous Parkland students, in their continued efforts to raise their voices for a safer and just society, have created The Parkland Voter Movement.

The Parkland Voter Movement supports the (pre)registration of teens (ages 16-19) to vote. It also encourages teens to register others and to inspire all to vote. This is a nonpartisan effort, supported by organizations such as the League of Women Voters and is inspired by the youth of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (and others) whose numerous voices have been silenced, informed and amplified.

Led by students and supported by adults trained in voter registration, volunteers work collaboratively with schools, organizations and events to organize voter registration drives that target the (pre)registration of 16-19 year olds (and others). Paper and online registration drives occur during classes, school assemblies, marches, blood drives, flea markets, etc.. After new students register, they are encouraged to organize new drives and eventually vote.

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