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February 4, 2021
I Was Once Young
Interfaith Harmony Week Day 4
I Was Once Young
I was once young,
I was journeying alone,
and lost my way;
rich I thought myself,
when I met another.
One is the joy of another. (47)
Cattle die,
kindred die,
we ourselves also die;
but the fair fame
never dies
of those who have earned it. (76)
The Hávamál (“Sayings of the High One”) is a series of Old Norse poems from the Viking age. Stanzas 1-80 are proverbs and wisdom sayings that are attributed to the god Odin. The proverbs probe the rules of hospitality and rhetoricity. To a Viking, is to be a person of honor. The proverbs probe proper conduct becoming a worthy life.
Have you ever lost your way in life?
How did you find it again?
Was it through the kindness and generosity of another?
Who was this person?
Take time to bless them for being open and kind and bringing you joy.
Have you ever wondered how long you will be remembered?
Who might remember you?
How you might be remembered?
Who do I remember with fondness?
Why do I remember that person?
We are each a proverb of life
A verse in the never-ending cosmic book
May I live my life large and full-bodied
May my desire be not so much to be remembered as to never forget.