The Killing Must Stop Posted December 18, 2012 by ifpadmin


December 16, 2012

Dear Friends,

As we cope with our broken hearts, we are called to action as we confront the
violence that has once more torn at the fabric of our right to live in peace. The
time has come to trump the right of private citizens to bear arms with the right
of parents to raise their children. It is now time to form a well-organized militia
of peace to secure common sense. It is no longer feasible, if it ever was, to think
that private citizens securing militarily assault weapons is a right guaranteed by
the Constitution. What is demanded by common decency is to break the
stranglehold extremist groups have on American politics and society. The killing
of the children must stop. We all must work for the full human rights of
children, their right to be fed, clothed, sheltered and educated in communities
where the right to live is the order of the day.

Thomas P. Bonacci
Executive Director
The Interfaith Peace Project
Pittsburg, CA