The Interfaith Peace Project goes to
the California State Senate


Senator Mark Leno, Rev. Andrea Goodman,
President Pro Tem Kevin de León

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson introduced Rev. Andrea Goodman as the president and co-founder of The Interfaith Peace Project and the day’s Guest Chaplain of the California State Senate on May 4, 2015.   As everyone in the chamber stood and bowed their heads, Andrea offered this prayer on behalf of those assembled.

O You, who are known by many names and by no name.  O You, who reside in our Hearts.  We boldly ask that we, the women and the men of this California State Senate, present and absent, together with our dedicated staff and our visitors here today, may we all be blessed with peace in this moment, in this moment of breath.  And as we move throughout this day, may we be responsible stewards to the children, the women and the men we represent.  May our encounters with one another arise out of dignity and respect.

O Blessed One, reveal to us solutions for the many ails of the peoples and environment of our most beautiful State.  Share Your wisdom and stand with us in our collaborative negotiations, when there is impasse, when harsh words erupt, and when our hearts break.  In this moment and throughout this day, may we remember the peace and joy for which we, and for which all humanity, was born.  We look to Your abundant blessings to renew us and restore us.

May it be so.  May it be so.  May it be so.