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June 12, 2021

A Reflection from the Interpath Traditions
by Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.

A saying once attracted me. I thought it was innocent, if not funny. Upon deeper reflection, I am horrified I was ever attracted to its message. The saying goes like this, “Whoever dies with the most toys wins!” Since I love toys and think playing is the stuff of life, I need to forgive myself for my attraction to the slogan even as I beg forgiveness from you. The saying ultimately invites us to define the meaning of our lives in terms of accumulation and consumption. I heard someone once say to a child preparing to play with a new toy, “That might be a collector’s item someday; better keep it in the box!” Kids play and delight not only in the contents but the box. I know this from firsthand experience. Maybe the time has come to not only find the child “within” but let them come out and play.

There can be much joy in the World when children can simply play. It is heart-breaking to think of children who spend their days looking for food, searching for water, and longing for someone to love them. We must do everything in our power to come to the defense of the children who are often abused by the powerful, the expedient, and the greedy. Is it not a simple thing to love a child? The simplicity of a child at play invites us to simply love a child so they can play as they discover the World around them.

Children are the parables of God. They reveal the heart of God and the soul of the Universe. A child’s laughter causes the Sun to shine. A child’s tear causes the Moon to weep. We must remember that every person who ever lived was once a child. We must never lose the stories of our childhood. Our stories are stories of joy, sorrow, courage, and hope. Maybe we find our souls when we remember our stories.

Someone once told me I was a child of God. Wow, I thought my parents are greater than I thought. Another person said they were a child of God, and I stopped feeling alone. Child of God, born of the Universe, beloved of parents, it is all so simple. I pray I might remember I am a child of God like you. Together we can bring so much love and peace to a hurting World. 

When children play, Worlds are born, wars start and end, danger is conquered by courage, and tea is served at most surprising times. A little child in a cardboard box soars to the depths of outer space. A child discovering a ladybug is filled with wonder and amazement. The simplicity of the child is astounding. Perhaps, if we let the World around us touch us with its beauty, magic, and mystery, we might be more compassionate and understanding to one another.
My love to you, Children of God, Beloved Community. Thank you for all the times you blessed the children. Thank you for all the times you let the child within you come out and play. More importantly, thank you for all the times you let the children bless you.   


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