Dear Friends,

The Interfaith Peace Project is pleased to offer the following reflection celebrating the rise of women’s voice in our time. Please feel free to participate in our project by suggesting women whose voices ought to be heard.

We publish these on-going reflections on the eighth of every month in honor of March 8, International Women’s Day. We are hoping that you will engage your friends in reflective dialogue, maybe even form small discussion groups. Please share with us your feedback and reflections.


Mona Hanna-Attisha

       The ethical injunction “I was thirsty and you gave me to drink” summarizes the important work of Dr. Hanna-Attisha. She was one of the first to realize the danger of the chemical poisoning of our children in Flint, Michigan.   Because of her sensitivity to what was happening to the children of Flint, the dangers posed to so many others were discovered. The National controversy her research caused is still with us today. We still dispute the environmental destruction that deregulation and indifference enable. Winner of the Heinz Award in 2017, she continues her work to combat the lead-poisoning of our children with prevention and proper nutrition. Nothing reverses the ill effects of lead-poisoning. We are indeed grateful to Dr. Hana-Attisha and so many others who raised our consciousness to the plight of those affected by poisoned and polluted waters. May she be blessed by the children.


What might we do to use water wisely and respectfully?

Am I aware of the water quality of my own area?

Do I need to raise the issue of lead-poisoning in my community?

Do I need to engage my family members in constructive conversation concerning water quality, consumption, and usage?

Should a day go by that I do not bless the water, recognizing its sacredness?

Prayer for the Honoring of the Water
by Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.

Holy One of the Universe, you reveal yourself in the Mystery of the Waters,

Rain upon us with your merciful justice,

Snow upon us with your gentle love,

Storm upon us with your call to justice,

Send your blessings upon us in the forming of the dew,

May the fog of your great presence surround us always,

as we cherish the Waters and drink humbly from the Springs of your great love.

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