Preparing for
The United Nations
International Women’s Day Observance
March 8


The observance of the International Women’s Day, March 8, provides for us an opportunity to celebrate the achievements women have made for the benefit of humankind.  The day also brings attention to the continued inequality, injustice, and harm women face in the pursuit of their freedom and human dignity.

The Interfaith Peace Project recognizes and respects women’s voice in ancient times and contemporary society.  We believe the rise of women’s voice in recent time is facilitating major change and development in human awareness and consciousness.

In observance of the International Women’s Day, we are extending an invitation to have your voices heard. We are encouraging women from all over the world to have significant, honest, and open conversations with other women concerning topics that are important to them and to the world. We are asking women to gather together in their homes, coffee shops, or houses of worship to raise their voices and lead the way toward a world free of poverty, violence and war.  You voice is precious.  Your wisdom is essential for the future of the World.

We encourage you to engage in these conversations whenever you can.  Be attentive to your own wisdom.  What have you always wanted to say but fear and / or lack of opportunity prevented you?

We invite men to discover their own experience of women’s voice:  the wisdom of  a mother or grandmother, the voice of compassion in the midst of conflict, or the voice in their own hearts they have feared to hear. 

With the rise of Women’s Voice a new age is beginning to emerge.  We trust it will be a time when compassion and mutual respect will bless the World as never before.


Structure for Your Conversation

With another person or in your gathering, discern and decide the frequency of your meetings and what topics you will consider.  Claiming the credibility and dignity of your voice and wisdom is what matters most.

 Possible Topics for Your Conversation

Self:  Do I have the capability to say no when necessary, to set firm and gentle boundaries? Do I believe my voice, my thoughts, and my wisdom are  worthwhile? What is my experience of God or the divine? Does the “Goddess” influence me? For women biographies to consider, please click here.

Family: What does marriage mean in today’s world? What exactly are “family values”? What truly makes a family? Same sex marriage? How do I see myself, as a woman in the family? Is religion of any value? What are the pressures affecting family life? Abuse, addiction, divorce? What is the impact of social media?  For women biographies to consider, please click here.

Community:  What do I truly think about such issues as:  environmental concerns, public education, voting rights restrictions, issues with police and public safety? Do racial issues impact me? Is there a human right to food, shelter, health care, clothing and security?  For women biographies to consider, please click here.

Country: Do we have a responsibility in the World for the security and well-being of others? Is war ever justified? What constitutes “foreign relations” in our time? Do we have a social responsibility to one another through governmental programs?  For women biographies to consider, please click here.

Care of the Earth: Do we have a responsibility to care for the Earth? How do I understand environmental concerns and sustainability issues? What is the future of food: the GMO issue, processed products, equitable distribution? For women biographies to consider, please click here.


After you have had the opportunity to participate in these conversations, we would like to hear from you so that we can use our resources to make your voices heard! Please send us a summary or complete our feedback form (Click Here) of what you have learned about yourselves, ideas, breakthroughs, etc. We will post these on our website and possibly find other avenues to make your voices heard as we move forward with this project.

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