Notice During the Covid-19 Outbreak
In solidarity, we at the Interfaith Peace Project stand together in these times of heart break and upset. Some of you may have lost friends or family members. Some of you may have lost your job and your income; some may be working overtime to help with the crisis. Some of you may be home and alone and some may be trying to figure out a new way to live. Please let us know how we can help. If you would like a phone appointment with any of us, give us a call.You may call or email Tom at:
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December 21, 2020
Continuing to Celebrate the International Day of Peace
by Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.

I was in a store the other day for only a few minutes, aware of the cautions caused by Covid 19.  I came across an assortment of Holiday Cards all proclaiming “Peace on Earth.” What a lovely idea that would be. Let’s explore how peace on Earth may come about in our lifetime.

We often think of peace as something achieved by political compromises and governmental oversight.  This usually results in the cessation of hostilities, but “peace” is still a far-off dream.

The Earth’s citizens are rapidly understanding and claiming their essential partnership in the family called “Human.” As Nations become more and more aware of their global responsibilities, peace becomes a real possibility.  Nations must live on Earth as members of one human family looking out for one another with deep love and affection.

Nationalism is proving itself to be a rather hostile philosophy threatening the well-being of all.  Violence and hostility cannot unite people in the common cause of our global responsibilities.  The World is growing weary of violence as people are searching for ways to live together in harmony.

Violence and the madness of hatred grab the headlines, often distracting us from those who are seeking to be peaceful.  We must never lose our desire for peace or think it to be an unachievable ideal.

In the last analysis, peace is already in our hearts.  We need only to share our peace of mind and heart with everyone we meet.  Not a day goes by when we do not have the opportunity to share our love and peace with another.

In this Season of Light, seek to be guided by the bright promise of peace alive in our hearts. 

How lovely it is to send greetings of peace amid all sorrow and heart-break in the World.  We must never lose heart, or we will lose the peace in our hearts. 

We practice peace in every step we take, every word we speak, every deed we do, and every thought we think.

Wisdom teaches us; we must be the peace we seek no matter the season.