February 21, 2022

The Interfaith Peace Project continues its ongoing observance of the International Day of Peace, September 21, by sending out a reflection on the twenty-first of every month. We invite you share in this effort by sending any articles or information that you would like to share to:

Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P
[email protected]
925-787-9279  candy1812

Continuing to Observe
The International Day of Peace

Let’s walk together into the heart of what matters most to you. Life needs to be marked. It speaks to our souls. It speaks to our hearts. It speaks to our culture, religion, ancestors, and philosophy.
​Wherever you are in your life journey, it’s worth celebrating; it’s worth exploring. The joys, the sorrows, and the uncertain. Especially in times of transition, you may feel overshadowed by the speed of life, obligations, and strong emotions. But every moment in life is worth celebrating. Whether it’s a wedding, the exploration of life’s big questions, a pregnancy, a birth, a retirement, a new venture or home, the passing of a loved one – it’s your story.  
Interfaith isn’t just a trend. It’s a way of life bringing together everyone, no matter the world view, orientation, ethnicity or culture, age, or place on the gender spectrum. No matter the religion, spiritual affiliation or curiosity.
Rev. Andrea J. Goodman
August 30, 1950 – December 31, 2021
Co-founder and President
The Interfaith Peace Project