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We will not be silent!
No person is illegal.


            Almost six-hundred women were arrested as they protested in Washington, DC against the unjust and immoral separation of migrant families at the Southern Border of the United States (Senate Hart Building, June 28, 2018).  The women are exposing the abuse the detained children are suffering not to mention the traumatization of their parents.  Blessings upon these women and all who protest and reject the human rights assault carried out in the name of National security.

            The asylum seekers have every right to due process and humane treatment.  The United States has a long standing (but imperfect) history in coming to the defense of persecuted peoples.  A Nation as rich as ours has a duty to ensure and secure the human rights and dignity of all suffering peoples regardless of place of origin.  The women, who placed their lives on the line, are testifying to the “better angels of our nature” as a people and a Nation.  The powers who would corrupt our souls by inviting us to fear and hate must be confronted so they might find the compassion that dwells deep in their own hearts.

            Contrary to what the powerful might say, compassion is the strength of a Nation.  It is heresy to identify compassion with weakness and strength with power.   Imagine being separated from your child by force.  Imagine using a child as a pawn in the game of power.  Imagine the terror in the heart of the imprisoned children.  Imagine the fear in the mind and heart of a separated parent.  Imagine a Nation where you can track your deliveries but not lost children.

            The women cry out, “Where are the children?”  The women shout out, “Shame on those who would invite us to hate.”  The women put their lives on the line for the well-being of the children.  The women refuse to be mastered by hate, fear or prejudice.  Blessed are the women who care.  We must heed their voice for what is right and just.


 Consider the following with sincerity of heart: 

  • How would you feel if someone took your child by force?
  • What would you do to save the life of your child? 
  • Imagine yourself as a small child separated from your parents by force? 
  • Can you transcend your political stance to take a moral stance for the sake of the children? What would that moral stance be? 
  • What does your faith teach you about “welcoming the stranger?” 
  • What does your conscience say to you in your heart as you hear the children cry?





In every generation, the children are the victims of our fears.
In every age, the cries of the children are the tears of the Divine
watering the hard soil of our hearts.  

We pray to thee, O Great Spirit,
who is our Mother and our Father,
Hear our cries for the children who suffer
because of our fear, greed, and hatred.

Help us remember we are your children.
May we never separate who and what belongs together.
May we cherish and welcome the strangers as our sisters and brothers.

Touch us with the tenderness of your Divine love
which is revealed in the eyes of every child.
Give us the courage to be strong with your compassion.

Bless the children and set them free.

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