IT IS NOT HELPFUL Posted April 1, 2015 by admin@interfaith



     It is not helpful to the cause and purpose of religion to pass laws that oppress people and reinforce prejudice and stereotypes.  This is especially true when religion is used as an excuse to curtail and restrain the rights of minorities in the public sector.  The Interfaith Peace Project regrets the passage of such laws since they are no more than thinly veiled attempts to unjustly discriminate against people whose human rights must not be compromised.

     In this day and age of violence and terrorism, religious people must be in the forefront of justice and peace.  The rich and varied religious experience of human beings through the centuries has forged the development and exercise of the Golden Rule.  Governmental leaders must resist the temptation to misuse religion for the sake of preserving and expanding their own power.  Law makers have the solemn duty to ensure the civil and human rights of all citizens.  We fear the association of religion with oppression will compromise the power of religion to be a force for understanding and reconciliation.

     Moreover, we must not foster legislation in the name of religion which endangers the life and well-being of anyone.  We applaud those businesses and organizations who have withdrawn their economic resources from jurisdictions which have enacted such oppressive and dangerous laws.         

     Our Nation has suffered enough from laws passed in the name of God which have done nothing more than enslaved, demeaned, and hurt real people.

     We call upon the Interfaith Communities to stand in solidarity with those threatened by such unjust and dangerous legislation.  We must help people understand that disagreement concerning marriage, relationships, and life-styles does not justify oppression in any form.  We fear that such laws will endanger the lives of real people.  Religious leaders must bring fairness and common sense to the public discussion of this issue.    We must resist the misuse of religion.  We recall the words of Martin Luther King: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.