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February 1, 2024

Today is the first of our daily reflections for Interfaith Harmony Week. The Interfaith Peace Project is pleased to offer you these reflections for each day of Interfaith Harmony Week, February 1-7, 2024.

Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P
[email protected]

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Interfaith Harmony Week
February 1-7, 2024
Day One
by Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.

In interpathy, the process of knowing and “feeling with” requires that one temporarily believes what the Other believes, sees as the Other sees, values what the Other values though these are totally Other concepts.

David Augsburger


Whenever someone told me I could not do something, it reinforced my sense of inadequacy. Deep down inside my soul, I felt that I had abilities and desires others thought were impossible or silly.

I spent almost half my life afraid of myself. Then, one day, I heard a voice say you are God’s gift to the Universe.

Jesus said, “What you receive as a gift, give as a gift.”

Each and every one of us is a gift from God, a child of the majesty of the Universe, a beautiful person born from the mystery of time and the splendor of love.

Everything, seen and unseen, has delightfully conspired to bring about the person you are.

Cherish the gift of you by having the courage to give of yourself without fear or hesitation.

If sympathy is our instinct, empathy our desire, and compassion our practice, interpathy is our future.

We have been told a thousand times over we cannot feel the pain or brokenness of another. 

I beg to differ with respect and openness. The interpathetic person is quite capable of suspending their own self-awareness as they see the World through the eyes of another.

Ask any parent who loves their child. Ask any lover who has embraced the Beloved. Ask anyone who has dedicated themselves to the care of someone else.

Perhaps interpathy is the future of Interfaith spirituality and the present gift we now possess.


For ages you have come and gone …

So come, return to the
Root of the root of your
own soul.  …

When you lose all sense of self
The bonds of a thousand chains will vanish.
Lose yourself completely,

Return to the
Root of the root of your own soul.  …

You were born from the rays
of God’s majesty
when the stars were in their perfect place.  …

Return to the
Root of the root of your own soul.  …



Today, I will look for and seek every opportunity to give the gift of me as I seek to see the World through the eyes of those I meet along the pathways of life.