International Women’s Day for March 6, 2016 Posted March 6, 2016 by admin@interfaith


 Jonathan Ko, High School Freshman,
Conducts Survey of Female Classmates About
Women’s Inequality and Sexism

 jonathan ko

   On November 5, 2015, Jonathan Ko conducted a survey of his female classmates.  I believe you will agree that we need more young men who are willing to take the time to see the uniqueness of young women and stand in solidarity with women’s issues throughout the world.


   Jonathan interviewed 65 female classmates ages 13 and 14. Of the 65 students, only 11 were familiar with the concept of patriarchy. One student commented, “”Yes, the Patriarchy is a system where men always lead. Fathers, sons, and just males in general hold the power and are given leadership positions in government, jobs, etc. Many countries today are still under a patriarchy and discriminate against females.”


   Of the 65 female students, 47 could correctly define feminism and 47 identify as feminist. A student made the following comment: “By definition, I am a feminist. However, the term now has a negative connotation due to the radical “feminists” who want a matriarchal society rather than equality. A feminist is one who wants EQUAL rights for all people. Basically, women = men, and not women > men.”

   When asked, “If you could remove all history of and prevent all future occasions of one and only one form of discrimination (i.e. racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.), would you do so? If yes, which would it be? Why? Racism was chosen by 30 students. Racism was followed by Sexism (16 students), and Homophobia (6 students).


     After completing the survey, Jonathan wrote the following:

   “Reading the responses of my classmates, I realized that though most are aware of the historical oppression of the female sex, they write with a hopeful tone…I have learned that the message of equal rights for all has not yet completely permeated society. Some still believe that feminism is about reducing male power.

   Overall, the experience of conducting this has been enlightening for me; I have seen new ways to think about things. I understand that each response represents the thoughts of a unique person-a unique woman.”


To read the whole survey including thoughtful reflections from classmates and interested women, please click here or go to our website ( under the title, “Articles”.