Dear Friends,

With Tom’s letter proclaiming the United Nations International Day of Peace, he sent out a brochure highlighting a portion of the Articles from the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please click on the link below for the rest of the Articles for your reflection. Also, please note that you may purchase the book at the United Nations Book Store,

As Father Tom stated in his letter, “Hardly a day goes by when some current powerful, political or, unfortunately, religious leaders and officials are seeking to compromise the human rights of racial and ethnic minorities, refugees, immigrants, the poor and those who are gender and sexually diverse. The pursuit of peace requires the courage to recognize and honor the dignity of others. Disagreement over issues do not diminish the dignity or rights of others to live in peace, safety and security.”

We hope these Articles from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights will encourage you in your pursuit and practice of peace.

The Interfaith Peace Project

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