Interfaith Harmony Week: From the Goddess Traditions Posted February 7, 2015 by Susan Batterton


Day Seven – February 7, 2015
Interfaith Harmony Week
From the Goddess Traditions


Every day you, O holy One, show us a Mother’s Love

               Devotion to the Goddess of Compassion invites us to probe the meaning of our lives.  We must take the initiative in discerning for ourselves what our life might mean.  The Goddess  engages the harsh reality of suffering so as to come to the aid of those who suffer. 

              The thought that we are spiritual beings on a human path, rather than human beings who may or may not be on a spiritual path, has intrigued me since it first entered my mind.  If we have an immortal soul and if life has a purpose, why might we be here?  Might each of us need to find a personal answer to the question?  What did we come to do?  

              Might love be at the heart of every question that has to do with the meaning of a particular life or of a special moment?  To be human is to love and then be vulnerable to loss and suffering.  Might the suffering we experience and the suffering we cause be a means for us to learn?  Might healing and forgiving be part of this path?  Might trust and courage develop only when we risk loss?  Might compassion grow through shared human experience?  Might how we react to what we cannot prevent be part of this curriculum?  Might two other questions then be, What did we come to learn? and Who or what did we come to love?

Bolen, Jean Shinoda
Crones Don’t Whine
Conari, 2003



No World Peace without Religious Peace
No Religious Peace Unless We Meet and Embrace One Another
With Love, Respect, and Compassion