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February 5, 2020

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Sikh Reflection

“You are Divine, “ says Guru Granth Sahib in order to trigger our journey on the path of awareness. With the realization of your divinity you become one.

“But how can I be exceptional?” you might ask.

Exceptional is not equal to superior. When you recognize the divinity within you, you recognize the divinity in everyone around you as well.

The world is the creation of the Divine, reflecting the Divine being and Divine purpose. The Guru reaffirmed this natural order and brought worldly structures—the family, social, and economic systems—within the orbit of religious concern.

We consider human life to be an opportunity to develop ourselves by practicing piety and devoting ourselves to the service of humanity, thereby improving society as a whole.

“The body”, says Guru Nanak, “is the palace, the temple, the house of Divine; into it rests the Divine eternal light.”

For us, a true person of faith does not retreat from the world, but…
Battles in the open field
With the mind perfectly in control
And with a heart poised in love, all the time.

This in a nutshell is the Sikh way of life. The Divine Light in All

The deeper awareness, our connection to the Divine, the more vibrant is our participation in everyday affairs of life. Our human obligation is to refine our mental, emotional, and spiritual faculties so we can construct a better world for all of us and our future generations. We are equally responsible. This duty is not just for the learned or preachers or social workers—this is for all.

Equality is paramount. The Guru says “The one who regards all as equal is truly religious.” The Divine Light is in all and is the same.

We recognize our differences, but in the Guru’s voice, “Different vestures from different countries make us different; nevertheless, we have the same eyes, the same ears, the same body, the same voice.”

The Guru urges us to raise our consciousness and come to the realization that we are equally human and have the same biological and spiritual ingredients.

The secret Divine knowledge lies within each of us. Each moment is an unfolding invitation to celebrate and contemplate the vast field of love. If you keep your heart in awe, reverence and devotion, you will be immersed in the Divine glory.

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