Interfaith Center in Antioch Vandalized and Burglarized Posted June 6, 2018 by admin@interfaith


June 7, 2018

Dear Friends,

On June 4, 2018, our Interfaith Center in Antioch, CA was vandalized and burglarized. This heartbreaking event occurred when no one was in the Center. Observant neighbors sensed that something was wrong and notified the police while the alarm system was alerting the authorities to the crimes taking place.

Cash designated for the poor and basic day to day needs was taken along with two master computers. The files in two offices were trashed. The back patio doors were smashed and some electronics torn out of the wall. It will take some time before we can resume normal office work and research.

We are most grateful no one was physically hurt but the emotional pain is significant. We are also grateful to our friends who are supporting us throughout this ordeal. The Reverend Andrea Goodman, President of the Board, and our good friend Cheryl Bough spent hours restoring the Center and pursuing the necessary paper work with the police, insurance, and banks.

Such unfortunate events as these invite resentment and anger. Since The Interfaith Peace Project is dedicated to practicing peace in all the affairs of life, we take this opportunity to pray for and extend our friendship to those who harmed us. We affirm our work in the pursuit of Interfaith peace, love and respect. We honor our neighbors who came to our aid. We pledge to work even more diligently in the pursuit of that justice that makes peace a reality.

We will announce soon a day and time for the rededication of our Antioch Center. Together we will pursue the cause of Interfaith Outreach. Our Center has been blessed by visitors from around the World, the neighborhood, the State and the Nation. We will continue to journey with all our friends in mutual love, care and understanding.

Special gratitude to June Kirk, Director of the Antioch Center, and Susan Batterton, our Communications Director, who responded so courageously and generously to this unfortunate turn of events. We are grateful to many others who came to assist us in restoring the Center to operational order.

Thanks again to many of you who have expressed your love and care. Be assured of our blessings.


Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
With the Board of Directors and all of us at
The Interfaith Peace Project