Holiday Blessings from Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P. Christmas 2021 Posted December 15, 2021 by admin@interfaith


I was sipping my coffee in one of my favorite places in San Francisco. The Sun was warm on this lovely, pleasant day. The City was alive after months of being on life-support as Covid-19 had its way with us.
I was longing to return to the “normalcy” of city life. The wounds of the pandemic are deep, but I sensed a slow rebirth. I had almost forgotten what I loved best about the City is what I wish did not exist.
As I sipped my coffee, pondering the rebirth of the busy streets, a poor man with deep penetrating eyes came walking through the doors of the coffee shop, I realized how much I missed seeing my friends who live in the streets, the doorways, and who knows where.
He was short and somewhat bent over. His pace was that of a person with a mission. Like kings looking for treasures, he rummaged through the garbage cans. No one was bothered or upset. Such activity has become routine.
He reminded me of the reality of the City, the Country and the World. Have I come to accept hunger, homelessness, and alienation as usual? Oh, what a gift he gave me. It must not be this way. I will attempt to be more generous, courageous, and sensitive to the injustice around me.
As the streets come back to life, the poor rise from their invisibiity, allowing us to meet them and be loved by them. As I reached for a five, he looked at me and blessed me with his eyes. Then, rushing through the door with a sense of urgency, he nodded, smiled, and disappeared into the crowded street.
He is out of sight. May he never be out of mind. I wanted to give a five-dollar bill to a man who gave me heart anew!
Blessing to you, my friends, for your generous heart. May my friend meet you on the pathways of your life. Blessed Holidays to all.
Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.

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