HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Posted December 21, 2022 by Susan Batterton


December 21, 2022

The Interfaith Peace Project continues its ongoing observance of the International Day of Peace, September 21, by sending out a reflection on the twenty-first of every month. We invite you share in this effort by sending any articles or information that you would like to share to:

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By Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
Continuing to Observe
The International Day of Peace

Holiday Season 2022

Dear Friends,

             There is a relatively small community of 60,000 people east of San Francisco named Pittsburg, CA. It takes its name after its sister city Pittsburgh, PA. These giants of industry each in their own way, have diversified and developed over the years. I always feel I am back home when I visit the Steeltown Café in Pittsburg, CA. Any minute I expect an old friend to sit with me for coffee.

             Not too long ago, I was walking down a street in Old Town. The abandoned storefronts of this Pittsburg, CA community await the artists, creative entrepreneurs, and Mom & Pop stores that will one day grace and transform these beloved old streets where memories lurk around every corner. 

             As I wondered what type of shop I would open if I could, a woman dressed in her native garb happened down the street. I immediately imagined a city bustling with people from all over the World. A vibrant and diverse community where the uniqueness of each could thrive in safety and peace. 

             Her colorful dress radiated excitement and joy. Perhaps she was the first resident to transform these streets. Her eyes blessed me as we passed. Her eyes were the eyes of everyone looking for peace, serenity, and love. In fact, this Old Town is already blessed with the people of the World. I guess all I had to do was open my eyes to see the splendor of another person.  In that precious moment, I remembered the beloved song with the lovely lyrics, “To see another person is to see the face of God.”

             Blessings to you, my friends, in this festive Season of Holidays, Holy Days, and Sacred Moments. Blessings to you for all the times you saw the face of God in another person’s eyes, heart, mind, and soul. Thanks to my friend for such a lovely and powerful gift.



Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
and the Interfaith Peace Project 

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