ENOUGH! Posted July 13, 2014 by admin@interfaith


All of us at The Interfaith Peace Project join with President Obama in calling for an immediate cease fire between Israel and Hamas.  The killing, destruction, and mayhem of this situation create an intolerable situation.  But more is needed than simply a cease fire from present hostilities.

The time has come, and has been with us for a long time, to face the crisis in the Middle East with justice and boldness by calling for international leadership and responsibility.  The dependency of many parts of the world on Middle Eastern oil supplies ought to encourage the need for international diplomacy and the necessary assurances to provide for the safety and well-being of all.  The desire for resources is secondary to the rights of people to live in peace with dignity and self-determination.

How many more children need to die and suffer before we realize we have created a condition in which oil is more precious than blood?  The International Community of Nations must responsibly rise up and face the challenges of the Middle East with concern for all before the madness of retaliation becomes the norm for coping with the difficulties born of hate, fear, and injustice.  We fear it may already be too late.  Still, we hope!

We call upon the International Community of Faith to encourage a peace born of justice throughout the world.  We must stop fearing the risks of involvement at the expense of seeking a security that is born of fear and a hesitation to confront injustice.

We offer prayers, love, sympathy, and our hearts to all the victims involved in this tragedy.  We will continue to strive to understand the complexities involved.  We seek to support all those persons and organizations who work in the cause of peace born of justice.  We call upon all persons of faith and good will to engage in the pursuit of peace to the best of their abilities.