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October 8, 2020

Our Continuing Monthly Celebration of
International Women’s Day
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Yesterday, just as Rosh Hashanah was ending,
I managed to slip through the dream time and
heard R.B.G.’s two guardian angels chatting.
Said one: “Oy gevalt, those humans are slow to get it;
a Tzadik’s life, like all lives, is scripted for greatness,
but some beings grasp the plan with a fervor that
only gods and angels manifest.”
“Oy gatinu” said the other.
“We infuse humans with sacred teachings
and stories that not only the life, but also the death
of such beings becomes a rarified shofar blast that
jolts humankind.”
Now we all really get it. We feel it
humming in the rarified air of change within moments
of her passing, we sense it now as the donations swell,
and lesser beings run for cover and choke on their
hypocrisy. Most of all we saw it, and remember with
broken hearts, the subtle impish smile on the face
of this tiny giant as she broke barriers that persisted
for centuries. We sense this rare presence and decorate
it with initials like F.D.R., M.L.K., and of now, R.B.G.
We ask: what doth the lord require of thee but to do
justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy god.
And pump iron at age 85.
                                                                                         – Bruce Silverman
                                                                                          With Permission