Dear Friends,

The Interfaith Peace Project is pleased to present the eleventh vignette of our series of reflective vignettes and questions to facilitate the claiming of one’s dignity. These vignettes and questions are written by Carrie Knowles. They are a series of situational stories inviting women to reflect in such a way as to find their voice and claim their dignity.

We will publish these vignettes on the eighth of every month in honor of March 8, International Women’s Day.  We are hoping that you will engage your friends in reflective dialogue, maybe even form small discussion groups as these situational stories can foster dialogue with men and women alike.

Please share with us your feedback and reflections.


Vignette 11


Laura graduated from high school at 17 in June and has a full scholarship to a prestigious university in the fall. Her family is conservative in their faith. Unknown to her parents, Laura and her boyfriend Scott had sex just once, as the school year was ending and then they broke up. It is now the middle of July, and Laura has just learned she is pregnant.

Questions for Your Consideration

How do you think Laura is feeling about being pregnant?

How should Laura proceed?

What are Laura’s choices? What are the likely consequences of each possible choice?

When you consider your own faith tradition, ideally what would you like to see her do?

What would you do if it happened to you or a family member? How might Laura’s experience resonate with any of your own experiences as a woman?

How may your reflections deepen your intention to stand up for what is right and true?

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