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Christmas 2018


Dear Friends,


              I was walking down the street in the City on a beautiful Fall day.  The Sun was shining almost as if it was smiling; the cool breeze was a blessing.  People were caught up in the hustle and bustle of another busy work day.  I was between jobs taking advantage of a few free hours I had to explore some bookstores and savor some coffee in the nearby cafes.  It was one of those perfect days with the best yet to come.

              Suddenly, I heard what I thought sounded like music.  Someone was singing at the top of their lungs.  I dashed across the street to take in the music.  There she was, an elderly woman, bellowing out some more than familiar tunes.  She was smiling away and swaying in the breeze.  She was no professional.  She sang with gusto in a profoundly off-key way.  A crowd started to gather and, to my surprise, everyone started singing with her.  Inspired by her generosity, her off-key way of singing became something beautiful to hear.  This was one of those days that got better with every passing moment.

              I turned to continue my journey to an old bookstore when, to my astonishment, I saw a man dancing to the singing.  I suppose his dancing would not be so remarkable except for the fact he had one leg.  There he was with his crutch dancing up a storm as some people clapped and joined in what was now turning into a festival.  I am mesmerized by people who have the courage to do what they do when life seems so cruel and hard.  A singing homeless lady and a one-legged dancer teamed up with one another to bring joy and peace to some weary people on a street corner for no other reason than they could.

              I hope you remember you can always be a gift to others whenever you so desire.  On sunny days or in gloomy times, give the gift of yourself no matter how off-key you might think you are.  Never let your supposed short-comings or handicaps keep you from giving you to others.  We need the gift of you.  We need the gift of one another.   

              In this Season when we remember the Angels who sang and danced over the birth of a homeless child, may you come singing and dancing into the lives of others.  Announce the glad tidings of great joy that can only come from the treasure chest of your heart.  The greatest gift you will ever give is the gift of you.  For all the times you blessed others with the gift of you, thanks.  For all the time you blessed me, bless you.



Tom, C.P.

Thomas P Bonacci, C.P.