Jeannette Rankin
 Republican Representative from Montana
First woman elected to Congress in 1916
Pacifist and Peace Advocate




“…the part that women are now playing in political life is everywhere evident…Women are gaining an increasing awareness of their natural dignity. Far from being content with a purely passive role or allowing themselves to be regarded as a kind of instrument, they are demanding both in domestic and in public life the rights and duties which belong to them as human persons.”

 St.  John XXIII
Pacem In Terris #41
April 11, 1963


     While The Interfaith Peace Project and the Board of Directors cannot, should not, and will not publicly endorse any candidate running for political office, we would be amiss if we did not recognize the continuing rise of woman’s voice and the contributions women make as we take notice of the nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States by a major political party.  While all women do not speak with one voice, no one should miss this opportunity to be thankful for the fuller participation and contribution of women across the political spectrum in the United States and the World.

     The Interfaith Peace Project has long been an advocate for women’s voice, rights, dignity, person and complete participation in all human affairs.  We are grateful for the accomplishment women have achieved oftentimes against cruel and unjust circumstances.  Again, without implying any endorsement, we are grateful for the words Hillary Rodham Clinton quoted from John Wesley, the great Methodist Preacher and Teacher, who said:

“Do the most good you can …
for as long as you can do it.”

     We give thanks for all the women who over the centuries did the most good they could do for as long as they could do it.  We are the better for it.  May we strive to do the same.


Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
With The Board of Directors
The Interfaith Peace Project