A TIME TO BEGIN ANEW Posted November 9, 2016 by admin@interfaith


     Elections are difficult especially when your “side” did not enjoy the victory of the moment. The Interfaith Peace Project hopes that President-Elect Donald J. Trump will rise to the occasion and help heal and unify a divided Nation. We, of course, wish him well in his term of office as President of the United States. We also take this time to reflect on the important issues of our day. These issues are beyond the scope of political persuasions or philosophies. Nonetheless, these issues have great political importance and all those involved in the political process have a serious responsibility to conscientiously consider these issues. A few come to mind in this moment.

1. The rights and dignity of women must not be compromised by arbitrary rules, beliefs, or traditions which endanger the health and well-being of individual women. Women are not objects of the State to manipulate but full human persons worthy of respect.

2. In a World torn apart by terrorism, Nations, such as our own, must become safe havens of those who are victimized by terrorism and violence. We again are speaking of individual persons whose dignity and self-worth must not be reduced to prejudicial laws based on fears, stereotypes or prejudice.

3. Laborers have a right to organize in such a way as to insure a just wage and a reasonable life. Corporations have a responsibility to serve the common good.

4. The issues regarding racism are systemic in our society. We must guard against and oppose any efforts to reduce the issues of racism and economic injustice to political opportunism.

5. The rights of the LGBTQAI communities to live in peace free from fear and harassment must be upheld by all those concerned with the full human rights of all peoples.

6. The issues of ecology and the Earth have great impact on all peoples especially the indigenous people of so many lands. They have often been the object of greed and profit. If we are to be a humane people, we must stand up for those who are powerless and have no voice. Yet, the indigenous peoples have much to teach us if we would be responsible citizens of the Earth.

     This is but a partial list of our concerns. The Interfaith Peace Project rededicates itself to upholding the right of all peoples to live in peace. We will continue to do everything in our power to bring understanding to the issues that have the potential to divide us. We must remember behind every issue is a real person who deserves our respect, protection and care. Never lose the hope in your heart. If today you are disappointed by the outcome of the election, rededicate yourself to what you believe to be right and just. If today you are happy about the outcome of the election, rededicate yourself to what is humane, responsible and inclusive.

Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
For all of us at The Interfaith Peace Project