A GIFT OF GRATITUDE by Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P. Posted December 16, 2023 by admin@interfaith


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December 16, 2023


Imagine a time of the year when people wonder and wander and even pray about how to gift another person. Think of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and holidays. The holiday season is the economic engine of the entire year. The economy rises and falls as we gift one another with treasures symbolizing our love and care for one another. Seeking a gift for someone is a sacred act. Remember the joy you gave to someone when you gifted them with a box of their favorite chocolates. A simple toy can delight a child who, years later, remembers your love.    

I am unaware of a faith tradition that does not have a season in which gifting is not a priority. The gifts we share are deeply symbolic of the love in our hearts.

Some even think we love God to the degree we gift and bless one another with love, respect, wisdom, and compassion. Over the years, we at The Interfaith Peace Project, have become aware of the deep blessings we have received from you. We are so grateful for all the wisdom and love you have shared with us and one another.

It is our pleasure and privilege to introduce our new Legacy website to you: https://www.interfaithpeaceprojectlegacy.org/  We dedicate this site to you as a small token of our great gratitude to you for fostering interfaith love and understanding in the World. We will expand the Legacy site in the near future. For now, the site offers more than a summary of our Interfaith work for the past twenty-two years.   

The Legacy website is a work of love. We are grateful to all who designed and developed the format and content. Please explore the site at your leisure, remembering our gratitude to you for being the gift you are. A blessed Holiday Season to all.