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Notice During the Covid-19 Outbreak
In solidarity, we at the Interfaith Peace Project stand together in these times of heart break and upset. Some of you may have lost friends or family members. Some of you may have lost your job and your income; some may be working overtime to help with the crisis. Some of you may be home and alone and some may be trying to figure out a new way to live. Please let us know how we can help. If you would like a phone appointment with any of us, give us a call.You may call or email Tom at:
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September 19, 2020
In Loving Memory
Ruth Bader Ginsberg

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May we ever unswervingly follow the path of duty
as do the sun and the moon!
May we always serve humanity
without demanding the price of our service!
May we ever be benevolent, kind, self-sacrificing, detached and adjustable.
May we surrender all and serve humanity
like the sun and the moon.
(Rig Vedas 5.51.15)