Let There Be Peace Posted September 21, 2019 by admin@interfaith


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Dear Friends,

For The Interfaith Peace Project, The International Day of Peace, is not a day of the year but an attitude of life. While we honor and encourage the September 21st observance, we realize the necessity of integrating the principles of peace into every aspect of our lives. We encourage all of our friends to observe and practice peace in all the affairs of their lives.

Many say we live in divided times when argument, disagreement, and even nastiness are the order of the day. We offer another perspective. The trauma we are now experiencing is a deep sign and indicator that traditional ways of thinking and living are breaking down. We can no longer consume at will. We can no longer endure philosophies and ways of living that exclude other people. We can no longer tolerate hate, fear, or prejudice in any form. Even our religious practices and beliefs are evolving to be inclusive, open, and respectful of the dignity of all. As we emerge, ever so slowly or rapidly (depending on your experience), into this new consciousness, the walls which separate us are crumbling even as they are being built.

We are experiencing a major shift in our consciousness as we find it more and more necessary to realize our interdependence as humans on the Cosmos. We are as related to a distant star as we are to our next-door neighbor. Old ways of thinking that would separate us from one another and the expanse of the cosmos are collapsing as this new consciousness emerges.

We could say our relationships on Earth correspond to our relationships with the Universe. Think for a moment of a person with whom you might disagree. An argument that is unresolved can alienate us from one another. If we turn to the sun, the moon, and the stars, we might find consolation and a reason to reconcile with one another. We have the sense of oneness as we are caught up in the mystery of what surrounds us.

Perhaps, instead of disagreeing with another person, we could seek to know why they think as they do. As we enter into the universe of another person’s life, we seek to appreciate not simply their viewpoint but their life experience. Great dialogue does not necessarily result in agreement but shared experiences. The Universe invites us to meet one another as we ponder the infinity of the incomprehensible and seek to know our purpose. We must never allow the bad habits we have inherited from institutions and ways of thinking prevent us from becoming aware of the beauty and splendor of another person. Move beyond the harshness of accusations and name calling. All the positions we take in life are autobiographical. The more we share with one another the more beautiful we become.

It is amazing how beautiful the night sky can be when we are at peace with others. It is more than amazing how the night sky can invite us to seek peace in the midst of conflict and division. Journey into the soul of yourself as you travel across the borders of separation and fear into the lives of others. Perhaps, we will realize we are possessed by the peace we seek.
Seek to be peaceful in all you say, think, and do.


Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P. and the Board of Directors of
The Interfaith Peace Project